Ogigi's® handmade come from..

Ogigi's® handmade come from..

Ogigi's® handamde was "born" in Italy during the period that unfortunately we all know as the COVID-19 pandemic, having lost my job due covid situation, the days spent at home in lock down never passed.

Without work I have a lots of time, so I started tidying up the house, especially my cosmetics and skincare products, like everyone passionate about cosmetics, I had a lot of products but no a cute containers.

I looked for a beauty case on varius websites but they do not satisfy me, and so I decided to create it all by myself.


I made the first beauty case after 7 hours, yeah..it took me 7 hours omg, I had never sewn before and I didn't have a sewing machine yet.

It all stared because I wanted a beauty case in the first place, and so I thought why not try to see what happens if someone else likes it?  So, i started my small biz on Instagram.

And here we are :)

With the beauty cases that I sewed with so much love I hope to be able to bring you some joy!


Thanks you for loving and supporting Ogigi's® handmade, you are supporting a dream. 







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