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Ogigi’s handmade

Sticker sheets

Sticker sheets

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Ogigi's® Stickers to make any object cute!!

High quality and long-lasting print, water resistant.

Our stickers can be washed repeatedly in the dishwasher without fading or deteriorating. The stickers can also be washed by hand after being placed, for example, on dishes.

The “Sweet dream” sheet contains 13 stickers

The “Feels summer time” sheet contains 25 stickers

The “Angel energy” sheet contains 16 stickers

The “Coast vibes” sheet contains 12 stickers

The easiest way to remove old stickers is to do it by hand. Our material is durable and does not fragment. Most stickers have a strong glue, but it comes off if removed with force. In case of residues, you can try applying olive oil with a cotton swab (if the surface where you need to apply it does not absorb e.g. laptop)

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